Special Education Handbook

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    I. Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
      A. Residential Placement
      B. Assistive Technology
      C. Extended School Year (ESY) Services
      D. Nonacademic Services
      E. Program Options and Physical Education
      F. Transportation

    II. Confidentiality
      A. Access Rights
      B. Amendment of Records/Hearing Process
      C. Parental Consent Prior to Disclosure of Records
      D. Transfer of Rights at Age of Majority
      E. Disciplinary Information and Reports to Law Enforcement
      F. Destruction of Records

    III. Child Find
      A. Responsibility for Determining Eligibility
      B. Child Identification Process
      C. Data Collection

    IV. Procedural Safeguards
      A. Prior Written Notice
      B. Procedural Safeguards Notice
      C. Parental Consent
      D. Independent Educational Evaluation
      E. Conflict Resolution
      F. Child Status During Due Process Proceedings/Code of Conduct Violations
      G. Transfer of Parental Rights at Age of Majority/Student Notification
      H. Surrogate Parents

    V. Evaluation
      A. Initial Evaluation
      B. Eligibility Determination and Evaluation Team Report
      C. Reevaluations
      D. Identifying Children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

    VI. Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
      A. Members of the IEP Team
      B. Parental Participation
      C. Contents of an IEP
      D. Review and Amendment of an IEP

    VII. Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

    VIII. Parentally Placed Nonpublic School Children
      A. Child Find
      B. Consultation
      C. Rights to Services
      D. Equitable Services Determined
      E. Equitable Services Provided
      F. Due Process Complaints and Complaints to ODE

Appendix A