Special Education Handbook

Recommended Guideline Forms
    1. Evaluation Team Report
    2. Release of Records – “Required to document”
    3. NCOESC Guideline PR-06 Evaluation Team Reports
      a. Social/Emotional Status of Behavior/Personality
      b. Communications
      c. Adaptive Behavior
      d. Fine Motor
      e. Academics
      f. Vision/Hearing/Health
      g. Gross Motor
      h. Vocational/Occupational/Tranzition
      i. Fine/Gross/Communication
    4. Medical Diagnostic Evaluation Form
    5. Medical Information Forms
    6 Parent Eye Exam Notice – “Required to document”
    7. Supplemental Information: Emotional Disturbance
    8. IEP Schedule
    9. IEP Accommodations
    10. Documentation of Attempts to Obtain Parent Participation – “Required to Document”
    11. Extended School Year Guideline
    12. Functional Behavior Assessment Forms – “Required to document”
    13. Behavior Intervention Plan – “Required to Document”
    14. Summary of Performance – (Graduating Students) – “Required to Document”
    15. Parent Permission to excuse attendance at IEP Meeting
    16. District Representative Checklist
    17. Out of State/District ETR/IEP Review
    18. Notice to Re-evaluate
    19. Continuation of Eligibility for Special Education Services
    20. Procedures for utilizing Continuation of Eigibility for Special Education Services form