Diving into Strategic Thinking: A Teacher's Field Guide to Depth of Knowledge 15 hours (aligns most strongly to gifted competencies a, b, c, f, g, h)
Date(s): Self-Paced, Online

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$125 OR FREE for Districts receiving 0.2 gifted services from NCOESC Participants must purchase/order their own book..

Registration status: Open

Graduate Credit: One hour of graduate credit are available for an additional cost of $286.00

Confused about what it means to take your students to the “next level”?

When creating or revising lesson plans, do you consider the different levels of student thought?

Want to know how to take students from “I don’t know the answer” to “I can figure out the answer”?

Dive in to this book study and learn the necessary classroom culture and practical skills to help your students through the thinking process that results in strategic thinking.

This field guide will help you round out your instruction by teaching students to think more deeply, preparing them for tests and for a life of learning.

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